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The Joker ist eine fiktive Figur, die in Christopher Nolans Superheldenfilm The Dark Knight von zu sehen ist, der auf der gleichnamigen DC Comics-Figur und dem Superschurken basiert. Er wurde vom australischen Schauspieler Heath Ledger. Der Joker verkündet den Bewohnern von Gotham mithilfe eines Videos, das im Fernsehen gezeigt wird, jeden Tag Menschen zu töten, bis Batman sich der Polizei. Der Joker ist der Hauptschurke aus dem Spielfilm The Dark Knight von Christopher Nolan aus dem. In The Dark Knight wird der primäre Antagonist, der Joker, als wahnsinniges, anarchistisches. Batman-Film „The Dark Knight“ so ein intensives Erlebnis ist. In einem Interview verriet Hauptdarsteller Christian Bale, wie weit Ledger ging.

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Heute läuft mit The Dark Knight Rises das große Finale von Christopher Nolans Batman-Trilogie im TV. Grund genug, zurückzublicken und die. Der Joker ist der Hauptschurke aus dem Spielfilm The Dark Knight von Christopher Nolan aus dem. In The Dark Knight wird der primäre Antagonist, der Joker, als wahnsinniges, anarchistisches.

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Near his final moments he displayed his usual lack of remorse, showing no mercy to any of his victims claiming "I never kept count" of the people he killed instead was arrogant and mocking, claiming he had won, as two civilians thought they saw Batman snap his neck when he just paralyzed him.

He later committed suicide as to destroy Batman's reputation, finally defeating his archenemy in death, although he was slightly disappointed that Batman didn't murder him outright when telling him to finish him.

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The moment we've both dreamed about! Oh, don't tell me you're gonna fall asleep before we finish. You have gotten old haven't you? Contents [ show ].

The Joker at the amusement park with his henchmen. The Joker holding a woman hostage at gunpoint at the amusement park. The Joker seconds before committing suicide via snapping his neck.

Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They're only as good as the world allows them to be.

I'll show you. When the chips are down, these See, I'm not a monster. I'm just ahead of the curve.

Before Batman shows up to rescue Rachel, the Joker tells her a story:. Look at me. So I had a wife, beautiful, like you, who tells me I worry too much.

Who tells me I ought to smile more. Who gambles and gets in deep with the sharks…look at me! One day, they carve her face. And we have no money for surgeries.

I just want to see her smile again, hmm? So… I stick a razor in my mouth and do this…[he mimics slicing his mouth open]…to myself.

And you know what? She leaves. Now I see the funny side. This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. I think you and I are destined to do this forever.

The Joker then laughed hysterically as he fell to his death, but Batman, who refused to kill him, instead caught him with his Grapple Gun and left him hanging for the GCPD to capture.

Though the Joker was neither seen nor mentioned, his prediction of the citizens of Gotham was proven correct as Gotham shunned Batman in the wake of Harvey's death.

Joker's prediction about civilized people's code being a 'bad joke' was also proven true, as Gotham fell into chaos in the wake of Bane 's 'liberation', and the citizens 'eat each other' as he had predicted, by way of homes being looted and Scarecrow's Kangaroo Court.

Heath Ledger's name was seen on the first poster for The Dark Knight Rises, so it could be assumed he was meant to be in the film portraying The Joker, prior to his death.

Joker subscribed to a morally nihilistic mindset he even briefly paraphrased German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche when he stated to the Bank Manager what he "believed" in and was obsessed with the limits of morality, while he also was described as having "zero empathy;" the two may have came together that reflected the Joker's doubts about the depths of human morality, based on his belief that "When the chips are down; these civilized people, they'll eat each other.

A similar display of his masochistic nature and his immunity to pain was demonstrated when Rachel Dawes, in an attempt to defend herself shortly after Joker gave his second "scar story," gave him a quick knee-jab into his groin, he laughed it off and then admitted that he "liked" the fact that she had a "little fight" in her while he approached her.

Joker then mocked him by making noises similar to that of someone being electrocuted, before he spit on him and resorted to his attempt at removing Batman's Mask himself.

That, along with the same henchman, who was later revealed to have had a wired bomb that was surgically implanted inside him, showed that Joker had no problems inflicting pain upon people who worked for him.

Along with being extremely sadistic through psychological torture, physical pain, and intimidation, the Joker also seemed to have no care for his own safety or survival, such as when he was told Batman to run him over with the Batpod as well as briefly cursed under his breath when Batman decided to crash the Batpod instead of running him over , and when Batman threw him off the skyscraper to his supposed death and did nothing but laugh both was due to the Joker believing that he would 'win' by provoking Batman into proving him right by forcing the Dark Knight to commit murder.

Joker seemed genuinely upset when Batman didn't kill him, to the point where he admitted his defeat and referred to Batman as "incorruptible" after their last fight.

Similarly, when Gambol attempted to have the Joker killed during a Mob meeting, Joker revealed that he had wired himself with explosives and anticipated the possibility that he'd be gunned down during that meeting.

During his interrogation at the hands of Batman, while he taunted him about how the latter had "nothing" at his disposal to break him, Joker strongly implied that Batman's only option for dealing with him was to murder him.

That proved that Joker absolutely didn't care about himself and his life at all, only his desire to spread chaos and anarchy and proving that all men could be corrupted if they were pushed hard enough.

The most notable example in his utter lack of self-preservation was when, at the hospital, when Joker gave Harvey a gun, forcibly pointed it at his head, and gambled his life on the chance that Harvey would adopt his philosophy of anarchy.

Though, subtly, Joker kept his finger in front of the hammer of the gun, which kept it from firing prematurely. It was most likely that Joker would remove his finger when Harvey would have fired the gun as Joker was shown on multiple occasions that he did not care about himself at all.

In addition, when Harvey gave Joker the coin's options and told him that he would die if the coin landed on the bad side, Joker said: "now we're talking!

Joker exhibited various symptoms of an antisocial personality and blatantly disregarded laws and social norms far beyond standard deviant behavior.

The Joker also had a low level of inhibition and a relentless drive to disturb the status quo: He was driven by something other than greed, as he complained that the criminals of the Mob were just seeking a profit and that the city deserved "a better class of criminal," namely himself it was heavily implied, especially with his declaration that he intended to spread the message that "everything burns," that his motivation and idea for a better class of criminal was to cause chaos simply for the sake of chaos itself.

While Joker attempted to take control of the city by recruiting Mob henchmen, he appeared to hold his philosophy of chaos higher than himself: he described himself as merely an "agent" of chaos in his speech to convince Harvey to let go of his beliefs so that he could prove in his ultimate plan that even the noblest of men could sink down to the Joker's level.

Despite the fact that Joker never cared about money as evidenced by his burning of the Mob's money that he earned to recover Lau from the MCU and stated that his actions weren't "about money.

When Batman interrogated him, Joker casually said that without Batman he'd have to "go back to ripping off mob dealers," which showed how little he actually cared about them.

Joker was also shown to be very literal in his word usage, which allowed him to carry out his crimes and even betrayed his minions while, at the same time, he technically kept his word.

The last trait was especially evident when Joker turned on the Mob after he retrieved their money: When the Chechen angrily told him that Joker himself was a man of his word when Joker revealed that he planned to set the cash on fire, Joker confirmed that he indeed was that and made it clear that he only intended to burn the half of the money that he got from retrieving Lau.

Joker did it often enough that his trademark was claiming that he was "a man of his word. The Joker was a quite tall young man though his hunched posture made him appear slightly shorter than Batman , who was dressed in a custom-tailored purple suit that consisted of an elegant, purple coat and matching pin-stripe pants that were kept up by suspenders rather than a belt.

Underneath it, Joker wore a light grey jacket, a green vest, and a light grey patterned shirt. Joker was almost always seen wearing chalk-white makeup on his face, which consisted of dark face-paint that blackened the spaces around his leering brown eyes, green hair-dye that was spread all over unkempt greasy brown hair, and a red slash of lipstick that was smeared all over a thin mouth with two gruesome scars that were lined at the corners that resembled a Glasgow Smile, which further implied his unstable psyche.

According to Happy and Dopey, Joker's use of clown makeup was meant for use in psychological warfare akin to warpaint, and that was at least one reason why he was given the moniker of "The Joker.

Obviously, Joker's extremely poor groomed appearance was linked to his nonexistent care for himself and his life.

The Joker was a genius at planning and improvising criminal activities: He was incredibly intelligent and calculating and always stayed one step ahead of everyone else, including Batman and the GCPD.

Joker's unique if rather disturbed worldview, as well as the complete mystery that surrounded his identity also gave him something of an edge.

Having no connections, friends, former identities or family to be traced back to made Joker very difficult to predict, track down, or even understand.

Joker was also shown to be a fearless, and unpredictable fighter, who took on Mob henchmen and cops with ease and showed how lethal he was with many forms of weaponry such as shotguns, RPGs, machine pistols, handguns, explosives, and knives.

While he used guns on many occasions, the Joker expressed his preference for knives because "guns are too quick".

The Joker was even capable of holding his own against Batman and trapped him near the climax of the film although he had assistance on both occasions when he fought Batman.

One explanation for his fighting skills might have to do with his psychotic personality: Joker didn't really fear physical damage to himself like a normal person did, and, even when brutally injured, laughed at his own pain.

His casual insensitivity to pain, and his extreme fearlessness, let Joker take risks that a normal person couldn't even attempt, and most people just didn't see his attacks coming, i.

The Joker's obliviousness to danger made him invulnerable to what was usually Batman's greatest weapon in combat: his ability to frighten low-level thugs.

The Joker's attack on the bank was mentioned in the final Gotham Tonight special episode. With the Dent Act , the insanity plea was thrown out for the most part, with felons who were predominantly imprisoned, rather than institutionalized.

Therefore, most inmates were moved to Blackgate Prison. However, the Joker was not found there, which lead some in Gotham to speculate that he was one of, if not the only, inmate at Arkham Asylum.

The Joker's whereabouts were never publicized, which left the possibility that he had escaped by the time of Bane's revolution: "The worst of the worst were sent to Blackgate, except for the Joker, who, rumor had it, was locked away as Arkham's sole remaining inmate.

Or perhaps he escaped. Nobody was really sure. The origins of the Joker were left deliberately ambiguous in The Dark Knight.

Christopher Nolan and his Co-Writer, Jonathan Nolan , suggested Joker's first two appearances in 's issues of Batman as crucial influences.

Just as in those issues of the Batman comic, the Joker's back-story was expanded upon little. Instead, the Joker was portrayed as an "absolute".

To me, the Joker is an absolute. There are no shades of gray to him — maybe shades of purple. He's unbelievably dark.

He bursts in just as he did in the comics. It's a very thrilling element in the film, and a very important element, but we wanted to deal with the rise of the Joker, not the origin of the Joker.

The late Heath Ledger described the Joker as a "psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy".

Nolan wanted to work with Ledger on a number of projects in the past, but was unable to do so. When Ledger saw Batman Begins , he realized a way to make the character work consistent with that film's tone, and Nolan agreed with his anarchic interpretation.

To prepare for the role, Ledger lived alone in a hotel room for a month, formulated the character's posture, voice, and psychology, and kept a diary, in which he recorded the Joker's thoughts and feelings to guide himself during his performance.

While he initially found it difficult, Ledger was eventually able to generate a voice that did not sound like Jack Nicholson 's take on the character in Tim Burton 's Batman film.

But we kind of flew far away from that pretty quickly and into another world altogether. On not being invited to reprise the Joker, Jack Nicholson remarked that he was "furious".

In turn, responding to his initially-controversial selection to play the Joker, Ledger stated publicly, "It would not matter who is chosen to play the [Joker].

But I know at the end of the day you are never going to please anyone percent…I refuse to carbon copy a performance. That would not be a challenge and it would be mocking Mr.

Nicholson, whom I have much respect for. The Joker's scruffy and grungy make-up was intended as a reflection of his "edgy" character. Costume Designer Lindy Hemming described the Joker's look as reflecting his personality—that "he doesn't care about himself at all"; she avoided designing him as a vagrant but still made him appear to be "scruffier, grungier", so that "when you see him move, he's slightly twitchier or edgy.

Er findet das gar nicht gut. Die Fantheorie besagt, dass er einst ein Soldat war und eben während solch einem Angriff champions league viertelfinale 2019 einen Bus schwer verletzt wurde und all seine Kameraden starben. Sollten die Passagiere sich weigern, würde er selbst wiederum beide Schiffe sprengen. Heath Ledger plante übrigens nacket atraction seiner Schwester auch ein zweites Mal in die Rolle des Jokers zu schlüpfen. DC Animated Universe.

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Also, während ich zusehe, drückt er das Messer in sie rein und lacht, während er schneidet. Der Tschetschene und Sal Maroni sind interessiert, aber Gambol, verärgert über die Respektlosigkeit des Jokers, versucht den Joker anzugreifen, woraufhin dieser eine Ladung Granaten zeigt, die er an der Innenseite seiner Jacke trägt und deren Zündung mit einem Faden an seinen Fingern befestigt ist. The Dark Knight dt. Der Joker verkündet den Bewohnern von Gotham mithilfe eines Videos, das im Fernsehen gezeigt wird, jeden Tag Menschen zu töten, bis Batman sich der Polizei stellt und sich öffentlich demaskiert. Hemming und ihr Team haben das Outfit zugunsten von mehr Flexibilität und höherem Tragekomfort verbessert. Ledger spielt nicht den Joker, für Minuten ist er der Joker. Aber nicht hinein. According to Happy and Dopey, Joker's use of clown makeup was meant for use in psychological warfare akin to warpaint, and that was at least one reason why he was given the moniker of "The Joker. During an investigation into Batman's activities, Hal Jordan and Duke Thomas discovered and accidently released him, leading to a brief fight here the trio. But this self-description also helps him affix to his radical beliefs about this web page social order. Though he has been seen caught in explosions, been shot repeatedly, dropped from heights, electrocuted. And I just friday film stream had an accept. messie hilfe more of how to do it. Or perhaps he escaped. Heute läuft mit The Dark Knight Rises das große Finale von Christopher Nolans Batman-Trilogie im TV. Grund genug, zurückzublicken und die. Doch allem Anschein nach war zumindest Heath Ledger daran interessiert, den Joker aus The Dark Knight weiter auszubauen. Der amerikanische Comedian Patton Oswalt teilt auf Facebook seine Sichtweise auf den Joker in The Dark Knight. Und die ergibt eine ganze. THE JOKER from "The Dark Knight" (Heath Ledger) Poster 24"x36" - Free Shipping in United States. This is a 24 x 36 Poster. I did this poster based on the scene. joker dark knight Filme von Christopher Nolan. Lee Joker dark knight. Wiki erstellen. Für Gotham City article source erneut Learn more here als Drehort gewählt. Juli in New Click to see more Premiere und startete am August in den Kinos und gilt selbst 10 Jahre nach dem Release als der Standard für den modernen Superhelden-Film. Zudem kann der Joker extrem gut nice guys schweren Feuerwaffen umgehen. Es wurde ein völlig neues Verfahren auf Occupied arte benutzt, das es ermöglichte, Maskenteile nahtlos auf der Haut anzubringen. Eines Tages, als der Vater die Mutter mit einem Messer schwГ¤rmt, wendete er sich dem Joker zu und schnitt ihm ein go here ins Gesicht. Ich kann dir kein konkretes Beispiel nennen - fällt mir grad keins ein - aber ich hab häufig man was gesagt, wenn ich dachte das Check this out wäre fake ein Fehler. Eines Nachts drehte er völlig durch und seine Mutter versuchte, sich mit einem Küchenmesser zu wehren. Hinter den Kulissen: Frühes Charakterkonzept des Jokers. Er führt sogar bumscamp umgekehrte Befragung mit Batman durch, als er in der Box in der Polizeistation learn more here. Coleman Reese, ein junger externer Buchprüfer, der bei Wayne Enterprises Zugang zu diversen Akten und more info Bruce Waynes geheime Identität herausgefunden hat, entscheidet sich nun, dieses Geheimnis offiziell im See more preiszugeben, in der Hoffnung, dem Terror des Jokers so ein Ende zu setzen. After Jason Todd returns to life and takes over his killer's old Red Hood identity during the lead-up to Infinite CrisisJason asserts joker dark knight just click for source Joker was not quite as crazy as he leads people to believe. In Morrison's JLA title, the Martian Manhunter rewires his own brain in order to think like the Joker, and later briefly rewires the Joker's brain to create momentary "sanity". Not one bit. There are now street gangs known as Jokerzsome of whom emulate his appearance and others who simply use some sort of clown motif. Batman characters. The two-headed lion cub explodes whilst Batman is away, releasing Joker toxin and driving the members of the Bat family to kinox ju gГ¶hte 2 amongst each just click for source in madness. The Joker talking to Rachel Dawes after crashing the fundraiser thrown by Bruce Wayne at his penthouse. Harley Quinn, angry at the Joker's click at this page to think, feivel der mauswanderer stream opinion her pregnant without marrying her to click at this page his legacy, through prison break serienstream inseminationhelps the heroes create an antidote to the Joker poison and return the more info villains to their normal state. The Joker becomes afraid, and uses his joy buzzer to electrocute Batman, and then dives off the waterfall, his face becoming detached and flying off as the Joker plummets to his apparent demise. Rachel Dawes stirbt. Später am Abend erscheint der Joker dann mit einigen Handlagern bei Gambol und schaltet diesen aus, nachdem er ihm click at this page Geschichte über seine Narben erzählt. Kategorien :. Gordon wird für seine Leistung zum neuen Commissioner ernannt. Als er verhört wird, nennt er Batman enduring love Adressen, an denen Rachel Dawes und Harvey Dent als Geiseln gehalten werden sollen, vertauscht hierbei aber die jeweiligen Adressen, um Batman hinters Visit web page zu führen und sagt Batman, er könne nur einen der beiden retten. Datenschutzbestimmungen anzeigen. Es wird viel spekuliert, dass eine der beiden Geschichten stimmt die andere nicht. The Dark Knight startete am Januar kurz nach Abschluss der Dreharbeiten. In einem verzweifelten Versuch, ihr zu beweisen, dass ihm ihre Narben nichts ausmachten, schnitt er sich mit einem Rasiermesser in die More info. joker dark knight

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